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Kennedy Wins Independent Party Endorsement

WATERBURY- The Independent Party of Connecticut has endorsed State Representative Kathy Kennedy as their party’s candidate for state representative in the 119th Assembly District for this November’s election.

This endorsement means that Kathy Kennedy will not just appear on the Republican line, but will also appear on the Independent Party line on the ballot in November. Connecticut residents not affiliated with either major party make up the largest percentage of voters in the state and desperately need a voice at the State Capitol.

“People first is my mantra. As your state legislator, I have pledged to put the needs of the people of the 119th district above the wants of party leaders and special interests,” said Rep. Kennedy.

The Independent Party is the third-largest political party in Connecticut with over 37,000 registered voters and has endorsed several candidates across the state this year.

The 119th District comprises parts of Milford and Orange.

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