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State Rep. Kathy Kennedy proudly represents the 119th General Assembly District covering Orange and Milford. She was elected to her second two-year term in November 2020.  Kennedy serves on the legislative Public HealthAppropriations and Education committees. She was also appointed the House Ranking member of the Executive & Legislative Nominations Committee.

In her first term, Kathy:

  • Succeeded in stopping a multiple toll plans which would have hurt working families

  • Supported PTSD benefits for law enforcement officers and firefighters

  • Prevented plan to force local school districts to regionalize

  • Protected local education funding from state cuts

  • Opposed $1.7 billion in new taxes on working families and small businesses

  • Increased criminal penalties for those who manufacture and sell fentanyl

  • Implemented spending controls on the state checkbook & credit card

  • Fought governor’s attempt to end phase-out of the state income tax on pensions for seniors.

  • Worked to better address and curb school bullying and improve school climate.

  • Voted against budget provision which diverted $171 million from the special transportation fund ‘lockbox’

Kathy Kennedy has devoted much of her time promoting public education, serving on numerous Parent Teacher Association committees, culminating in her election as president of the Connecticut PTA from 2015 to 2017. She has served as president of the Milford Council of PTAs and been cited with several state awards.

A graduate of Amity Regional High School, Kennedy attended Southern Connecticut State University.

Kennedy volunteered as a patient care volunteer for Connecticut Hospice in Branford from 2013 to 2016, served as chair of United Way giving from local government officials, she is a past member of the Milford Prevention Council and a Faith Formations Teacher at St. Agnes Church. She has also been a volunteer coach for the Milford United Soccer Club.

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